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Why Jeff came to us for help with social media marketing

We’ve been working with Jeff Boswell, a realtor based in Greenville, NC, on social media marketing since 2015. Jeff came to us for help better managing his social media presence over Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. He also wanted to reach new leads, to curate valuable content on realty, and to tailor all his posts for each social media channel.

How we’ve improved Jeff’s social media presence

To date, we’ve helped Jeff increase his social media reach across channels by over 1,000%, helped maximize his audience’s engagement with individual posts, and helped him find some of the most valuable real estate content online to share with his followers.

Jeff’s social media feed is still growing, but is now regularly featured, shared, and showcased by other realtors across his channels. We worked to help Jeff better understand his audience for each channel, to develop content these audiences are hungry for, and to connect regularly with new leads, fellow realtors, and other like-minded professionals.

We’ve also helped him create a sustainable social media strategy so that his feeds never go dry. This has involved developing an internal document that lists all the channels he uses to sell houses, including non-digital ones, account information, passwords, and daily strategies for managing all his content.

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