A screenshot of the mobile version of the LBA Group website "Web Design, Joomla!, and Mobile Optimization for LBA Group"

Why LBA Group Asked Us for Help With Mobile Optimization

LBA Group is a leader in the electromagnetic energy industry. They have been in business for over 50 years and have an amazing amount of knowledge that they offer to their clients, many of whom are high-level professionals such as engineers. They wanted their new website to take advantage of modern design standards and aesthetics, however, including mobile.

What We Did for LBA Group’s Mobile Optimization Project

We helped LBA Group by:

  • Optimizing over 170 pages of content for mobile
  • Rebuilding the site from scratch within Joomla! to take advantage of mobile responsive technologies
  • Providing graphic design work on visual components throughout the site

LBA Group is a company with an amazing amount of history and expertise. We’ve helped them by building a website that projects an image that matches their reputation, especially on mobile devices.

Client Web Presence

The LBA Group logo, published to: "Web Design, Joomla!, and Mobile Optimization for LBA Group"