A screenshot of the Resilience Medical Massage website, published to: "Web Design, WordPress, and Graphic Design for Resilience Medical Massage"

Why Resilience Medical Massage Asked Us for Help With Web Design

An established massage business in Greenville, NC, Resilience Medical Massage wanted to build on their solid local reputation with a website they could be proud of.  They wanted their new site to take advantage of modern design standards and aesthetics. They also wanted it to be mobile responsive, and wanted to be able to maintain it themselves after it was launched. And it was also important that they distinguish themselves from other massage therapists with their unique approach to medical massage. Finally, they wanted clients to be able to book appointments right from the website.

What We Did for Resilience Medical Massage’s Web Design Project

We helped Resilience Medical Massage by:

  • Developing a coherent brand throughout their website
  • Designing a customized WordPress website that is SEO-friendly
  • Doing keyword research to ensure their site generates maximum traffic
  • Providing light design work on their logo to make it web-friendly

Resilience Medical Massage will continue to grow as customers learn about what a great provider of medical massage they are. The greater Greenville, NC area is set to potentially double in population over the next 10 years, so digital marketing is key to expanding their business. We’ve helped them along that journey by building a robust website they can use as a centerpiece in their efforts to attract new clients and retain existing ones.

Client Web Presence


The logo for Resilience Medical Massage, published to: "Web Design, WordPress, and Graphic Design for Resilience Medical Massage"