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Why the NAB came to us for help with UX, content strategy, and SEO

As a national leader in the broadcasting industry, the NAB is growing its affiliate organization NAB Pilot (formerly NAB Labs). They wanted help in improving the user experience (UX) of their website for their core audiences. They also wanted to better curate content for their members from thought leaders in their organization, and in partner organizations, across channels. Finally, they wanted their content to be more searchable and shareable.

How we helped improve the NAB Pilot web presence

We performed a content audit of the NAB Labs website, and used this audit to help the organization develop a more consistent content strategy that delivers content to website visitors in more easily accessible and shareable forms.

This included:

  • Developing a holistic content strategy that helped increase their ability to deliver high-quality content to their core audiences
  • Helping them rethink the design of their website, including their landing page, so that it better showcases the great content they are already producing
  • Helping them launch their blog, a newsfeed about technology and innovation in the broadcasting industry
  • Helping them think about when and where to publish content across their entire web presence

We were able to help the NAB improve it’s searchability by approximately 200% through an in-depth of analysis of the SEO of former current website. Utilizing Moz, a great tool for keeping track of a website’s growth over time, we delivered tailored suggestions to the NAB to help them improve their on-page searchability, outgoing links, and social media integration.

As a large-scale organization, NAB is constantly changing and evolving, so we gave them a lot of future-proof tips for thinking about the future of the web presence. This included introducing them to best practices and tools for sustaining and growing their web presence over the long haul.

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