A screenshot of the homepage for Blooming Beauty, published to: "Content Strategy, SEO, and AdWords for Blooming Beauty"

Why Blooming Beauty Asked Us for Help With Content Strategy, SEO, and AdWords

Like many small businesses, Blooming Beauty is striving for the right balance between paid and unpaid digital marketing. Currently they have 2 channels that they’re leveraging: their website and Google AdWords. Though Blooming Beauty is a fast-growing salon with a lot of great marketing ideas, they needed some help fine-tuning the more technical aspects of their efforts.

What We Did for Blooming Beauty’s Content Strategy Project

We helped Blooming Beauty by:

  • Copyediting content throughout their website
  • Optimizing their website for SEO
    • Our efforts increased their overall search presence by over 8% and eliminated 14 critical errors
  • Working with them to develop a blogging strategy
  • Optimizing their AdWords strategy
    • Our efforts increased the click through rate of their ads by 3% and lowered their cost-per-click by over 80%

Blooming Beauty is an exciting brand that we expect great things from. We’re proud to partner with them to help them reach a wider audience.

Client Web Presence

The Blooming Beauty logo, published to: "Content Strategy, SEO, and AdWords for Blooming Beauty"